Don’t count Facebook out of the Social TV measurement game

How Facebook can eclipse Twitter to become the currency of Social TV conversation

How Facebook can eclipse Twitter to become the currency of Social TV conversation

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If you’re anything like me, your Facebook and Twitter feeds are often filled with comments (and spoilers) from friends about what they’re watching on TV. Thanks to the growing ubiquity of “second screen” mobile devices, sharing a real-time reaction to a game-winning goal, a favourite reality competition or the latest election results through social media is just a few quick finger taps away. According to Nielsen’s latest US Cross-Platform Report, 44% of 18-24 year olds and close to 50% of 25-34 year olds are using social networking sites on their smartphones while watching TV.

Beginning with next Fall’s TV season in the US, Nielsen will be rolling out the Twitter TV Rating to provide a standardized measure of live TV conversation occurring on Twitter — and there’s a lot of it. In a 2012 Year in Social TV Infographic, Bluefin Labs reports that ~95% of the 874 million public social media comments made about TV telecasts happened on Twitter.

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According to the Nielsen release, “The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating will serve to complement Nielsen’s existing TV ratings, giving TV networks and advertisers the real-time metrics required to understand TV audience social activity.”

But of course, tweets are not all that matter when measuring live social media engagement with TV shows. So this begs the question: Why has Twitter, not Facebook, become the de facto currency of real-time television conversation dubbed “Social TV”?  Read More




7 Facebook Resolutions for Marketers in 2013

Facebook Resolutions for Marketers in 2013

Do you remember where your brand stood on Facebook a year ago? Did 2012 bring you the success that you had set out to achieve?

With a new year comes new potential. I’m sure you’ll agree that many brands are not getting the most out of their social marketing efforts on Facebook. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. To be comfortable with the status quo.

With 2013 upon us, now’s the time to reset. To quit what’s not working, to try new approaches, and to put focus on what matters most.

Here are 7 new year’s resolutions (a framework for success) to help Facebook marketing work harder for you in 2013.  Read More




5 ways brands can tap into the social-mobile news feed

Social-Mobile News Feed

And how marketers can use mobile to improve social media effectiveness in 2013

The social news feed can be one of the most engaging places to distribute brand content to your audience. Effectiveness increases even more if the content (or ads) are viewed on our most personal medium – the smartphone.

As time spent on social networks and mobile devices continues to rise, it’s more difficult than ever for marketers to connect with consumers through traditional advertising. And it won’t be getting easier any time soon. In 2013, we’ll need to focus on figuring out how to crack a non-traditional channel that will make or break brands: The real-time mobile news feedRead More




Why reach and frequency, not engagement, are the social metrics brand marketers should care about

Reach Out

Over the past year, I’ve been surprised by how much focus marketers continue to place on the catch-all “engagement” metric.

There’s no doubt that social media engagement is an important measure of consumer response and amplification. It’s the de facto indicator that your brand is making some sort of connection with people. Yes, they actually care enough to like, comment, share or click on a link!

But, if you’ve been focused on just measuring people who have taken an action on your Facebook post, tweet or pin, then you’ve been discounting the value of two key metrics – reach and frequency.

For brand marketing, reaching the right number of consumers at the right frequency is arguably more important than driving engagement. Read More



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The fork in the road for social branding

Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of media. It caught on with the invention of the lithograph, and was revolutionized in the late 19th century by the commercialization of colour printing.

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a world without out-of-home advertising around every corner. Ubiquitous billboards that deliver one-way messaging to the untargeted masses.

If you have liked a brand page on Facebook, you’ve recently been exposed to a new form of advertising, not that dissimilar from traditional outdoor billboards. They are affectionately known as photo posts and are viewed principally by fans who are commuting through their news feeds.

The power of an impactful image cannot be disputed. However, what photo posts are beginning to reveal about social branding is telling. There’s a fork in the road for marketers. Brand-generated content is facing a dilemma.  Read More